Models & Scouting


Renico is a sought-after photographer who has made a success of himself in the industry. He has scouted a variety of talents and potential models, offering photoshoots to build up their portfolios and then sending them off to make it big in places like Europe, the Americas and the Far East.

He provides aspiring and established models with portfolio photographs, does modelling shoots and model make-overs and offers sound advice about the industry. His knowledge of techniques and equipment is extensive.

Scouting Moment:
He believes in potential and when he sees it, he grabs it.

Case in point, he helped start a girl’s modelling career for the princely sum of just 50 cents. She was sitting outside a coffee shop, had no phone in her holiday home and was in need of money to make a call. Renico gave her 50 cents. She used it for a pay phone and he slipped her his business details. Thanks to his intervention she was placed with First Options models. This lady in question, Tarryn Burkett, subsequently became one of the faces that Cape Town fashion editors and casting directors booked for local, German, French, Italian catalogues and TV commercials. It was 50 cents very well spent indeed.

Managing talent
Renico is always quick to spot a photogenic face, even if the owner of that face might not believe in themselves or their potential. Fortunately, a well-done photoshoot is usually enough to convince them of the fact. Jo-Ann Strauss, Heather Mann, and Bianca Brombin are some of the well-known faces he’s helped launch.


Renico has in the past, helped manage people like Colette Richter (married name Malga) who gained fame abroad in countries like Spain, Italy and Germany after starting her career in Cape Town.