About Renico


I have had a passion for photography since high school. To me photography represents beauty, intrigue and glamour. You never know whether your next shoot will involve an exciting personality, gorgeous setting or avant-garde designs.

I rented my first photographic studio from the Observatory Theatre in Bloemfontein back in the Eighties already and have been working as a photographer ever since.

For a time I was hired as a freelance paparazzo for Rapport Magazine – a weekly local newspaper magazine. In this capacity I felt I could help create stardom and celebrity status for high profile people. Ultimately the idea was to feature South Africa’s most renowned and up-and-coming celebrities in weekly magazine columns.

Thanks to my friendship with local beauty queen Letitia Snyman and a sibling working in the South African acting community (sister Brümilda van Rensburg),  plus my own newspaper and magazine connections, I had ready access to a wide variety of high flyers such as sports stars, models, actors and captains of  industry.

My mother was the co-founder of a ladies social club and a socialite, which is where I probably picked up my predilection for glamour and glitz. Dad was a respected eye surgeon with a weak spot for fiery sports cars (Porches in particular, one of which I eventually appropriated).  

I believe a photographer should be quite athletic in order to work under any circumstances. I’m familiar with horses (can ride), enjoy water, don’t mind heights, can ride a motorcycle and find both location and studio shoots to my liking. In 1984 I completed a photographic challenge involving the non-stop shooting of modelling photographs for an incredible 76 hours and 45 minutes, a feat accredited by the Guinness Book of Records®. A unique aspect of this record-setting event was the fact that at times I shot with a solid-gold camera, courtesy of Contax.

My tertiary studies and qualifications include a completed B.Comm degree from the University of Pretoria with industrial psychology, management and commercial law as the main subjects. I was awarded a Service Medal for my contribution to student activities, such as serving on the university and then national AIESEC committees, which included twelve South African universities. [©picture: Renico with one of his favourite models, Carmen] 

My heart though, always leant to photography – and by extension noticing beauty, whether this involved a windmill in an arid landscape, a shapely leg in catchy stockings or the cheekbones and shadows of a face. Similarly, model and talent scouting became part of my life. As co-owner of a local Hard Rock Café I was ideally located to spot new faces. This led to an eventual link-up with the N.E.X.T Models agency in Johannesburg, which resulted in a request from this agency to open and run their new branch in Cape Town.

I grew up in Pretoria and went to high school there, attending the esteemed Afrikaans Boys High. After school was school sport or helping police patrol the neighborhood and spent many hours in the State library reading newspapers, publications, and anything interesting on which I could lay a hand.  For weekend outings we had a smallholding just outside the city, stocked with zebra and antelope – and a sheep farm near Fauresmith in the Free State where I learned to breed top-quality stock, ride, erect fences and building homes for my employees.

It gives me great satisfaction helping people reach their dreams, achieving their goals and improving their lives. I urge people to support charities and participate in community work as personally I find such activities to add meaning to life. To this end I’ve served on agricultural, conservation, church and community committees.

I am an affiliate member of SAIP, the South African Institute of Professional Photographers and currently live in the Western Cape, moving between Cape Town , the Garden Route (Plettenberg Bay), Johannesburg and wherever needed.

Currently I often work with my actress sister Brumilda, preparing portfolios for her acting academy and agency. This involves photo shoots with her students and graduates, as well as those who have since become active in the acting world.

To complement my photographic endeavors I maintain a number of social pages and websites such as brumilda.com, 2capetown.com and screenfacemodels.com